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High Intensity Team Training is designed to offer a unique training experience in a dynamic team environment, The HITT team will motivate & support you to get the results you’ve always wanted and achieve your fitness goals through our dynamic training schedule.
High Intensity Team Training is inspired by sports strength & conditioning training, with high intensity interval based workouts lasting no longer than 45 minutes. Our promise is to deliver:


  • Efficient training means training for a shorter time but at a faster pace, increasing your heart rate to burn more calories
  • The high intensity interval training format is one of the most proven and efficient ways to burn fat and lose weight
  • Boost your metabolism, improve your overall fitness and well-being
  • No matter what level of fitness you are, we offer a variety of exercises and intensity levels to suit your needs and help you improve your fitness
  • No repeating the same boring routines, different workouts and fitness challenges everyday!


Our focus is not only results but to improve your general health and well-being. Join the High Intensity Team Training community where we aim to inspire and motivate each other in a dedicated, fun and energized team environment.

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